DSC07822Janet Enright, Principal and founder of Janet Enright & Associates, has been designing landscapes since 1985.  Her garden consultation and landscape design work has delighted clients across the Bay Area.

In her previous career in the education field, Janet was a School Principal at Juvenile Hall – not exactly what most people would consider likely training for a landscape designer.  Actually, the roles are very much alike – they both require the ability to see the larger picture and create a cohesive whole out of disparate parts, to understand the needs of the client and offer solutions they can embrace, and have a well-grounded, working knowledge of how to get them where they need and want to be – whether it’s in school (and out of jail!) or in their garden.  Throw in years of honing an artistic aesthetic through sculpture, painting and collage, and it all coalesces.

Along the way, she’s studied with John Brookes at the LaNapoule Foundation in France, at Foothill Community College and UC Berkeley Extension Landscape Architecture Program, and generally enjoyed messing around in dirt.  Her diverse work experience includes driving a lift truck at her Dad’s lumber yard in high school, owning a floral design business, writing grants, creating training programs, and teaching at Santa Clara University.

Janet is a Bay Friendly Qualified Landscape Professional, and 2011 Past President of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, California Chapter.